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REA Studios A Professional Multi-track recording facility offering tracking, mixing and mastering in house! After 7 years of amazing success in the GTA, REA STUDIOS has moved their full-service recording facility to Waubaushene Ontario. Rea Studios is a large recording studio in a peaceful rural setting, just minutes from Barrie and Midland Because of its beautiful location, it is an ideal place for artists to come and work on what they do best. The studio is a full-service provider, with separate control room, tracking rooms, kitchen, and lounge (satellite TV, DVDs etc). They always make sure the coffee is warm and fresh for you! The facilities are available to free-lance engineers and producers at competitive rates, and can be rented hourly or in blocks as required. Their equipment is a state of the art mix of great digital and analogue gear, a combination embraced by the majority of successful mainstream studios, and are constantly upgrading as new equipment and innovations becomes available. Rea Studios also has a state-of-the-art robotic CD replicator and offers CD manufacturing, complete with direct to CD face printing. Owner Eugene Rea www.reastudios.com and his partner, Nonie Crete, www.nonie.ca are both accomplished musicians and known recording artists in various musical circles. As well as being artists themselves, both have had the pleasure of recording and playing with many well known recording artists over the years. . Originally from Penatanguishene, (where her father, grandfather, and great-grand-father served as mayors), Nonie is renowned for her songs about Georgian Bay and the area, and is a great ambassador as she and Eugene travel across Canada and even as far as Ireland bringing their music to new audiences. Their latest CD “Coming Home” predicted their recent move back to this area, where they are finally living the dream in Paradise” as Eugene puts it. For more information, interviews or photos contact: Eugene Rea 705-538-1870 or at Email: ereastudios@gmail.com Quotes “It’s just amazing who we get to rub shoulders with”, said Eugene, “both on and off stage. Like just last year when a well-known Montreal recording artist was en-route to the studio, and called me from Pearson airport to say he was running late. It turned out he himself had driven but was at the airport to pick up the guitarist for the session, none other than David Bowie’s lead guitarist who was flying in just for the recording session!” That said, one of the great pleasures they get from recording is the thrill of working with new and young talent. “There are so many people out there with talent. Many have never had the experience of a real studio and we so enjoy sharing that with them and watching them just bloom.” “Whether it’s a 2-hour ‘private CD’ just for the experience and to give to friends and family, or a full-blown professional Juno-potential production, we don’t differentiate – everyone gets the same equipment and the same treatment” We’re all about fun” THE MAINLANDERS (Jeff Campbell and Ryan Reed) " we asked Rea Studios to mix our first album, and were so delighted with the results that we had them master it also. Little did we know that was the start of a great realtionship and friendship! There was no doubt as to where we'd record our next album, and that we did, with the expected results. More importantly we had lots of fun, and Eugene again demonstrated his ability to create and capture the moment so as to faithfully produce the finished product that we the Mainlanders, and he had in mind at the onset. From tracking editing, mixing to mastering, Eugene puts everything into it, technical skills yes, but equally important heart and respect for the material. Now with 2 CDs behind us, once again we have no doubt as to where we will record our 3rd one. Rea Studios recent move to the Midland area will not affect our decision in any way - in fact we can't wait.


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