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Barrie, ON L4M 8L3

Morningwhispers Art/ Reflections Art Gallery Curator

Organization Profile
About the Artist I have named myself Morningwhispers as a pseudonym for all of my pieces of art. I have chosen this name many years ago. It came to me while sitting on a porch in a remote place sipping coffee, where even the Morningwhispers could be heard. Immediately I fell in love with the soft sound of this name and have adapted this pseudonym as my new name as an artist. Definition: Pseudonym - A fictitious name for a person or thing. When used as the name of a person, a pseudonym may or may not have been legally adopted in place of that person's original name Morningwhispers (Victoria Potter) A Canadian Abstract Expressionism Artist. Morningwhispers has had a great passion for art as early as a young teen. Morningwhispers is driven by touching cultural, spiritual, economical, global and humanitarian issues. She paints with her heart and soul and with strong conviction with hopes of reaching a wide audience on the importance of being equal and global awareness. Morningwhispers has been in the public eye from 2007 and now has a wide interest in her unique art each one conveying an important message. Morningwhispers uses a wide array of colours and media, and uses many recycled materials to encourage the longevity of our planet.


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