Modern Day Gypsies

Organization Profile
Forged in the very fires of a live volcano, the five improvisers of "The Modern Day Gypsies" sought out from there awfully normal birthplace to bring laughter and calamity to the people of this earth. Or at least to their immediate families... After much gentle discussion/combat they chose the name "The Modern Day Gypsies" because, like gypsies, the five youths are very misunderstood (in general), free-spirited (in... spirit), and rebels (concerning the laws of nature. ie Gravity, Molecular Biology). MDG is, humbly, just a ragtag group of young improvisers on their way to potential fame in many different areas of expertise. Finger painting, deep earth mining, yak milking, elf spotting and occasionally even improvisation are just some of the hobbies of these mirth-makers. They currently performing for various business' and organizations including the Victoria Order of Nurses, Gilda's Club of Barrie, and other local hullabaloos. They debuted their first ever public show in June of 2012 to great acclaim inspiring a reoccurring show every few months or so. Including improv, sketch comedy, special guests, and music from their in house band "The Hot Tales" the show was a huge success- selling out of teeshirts and almost solving world hunger... almost. Individually they are Alex Swift, Veronika Slowikowska, Emma Simpson, Mac Orlando, Bennet Steinberg, Connory Ballantyne, and Natasha Webber.


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