Georgian College, School of Design and Visual Art, Campus Gallery

Organization Profile
The Campus Gallery objective and mandate is to deliver a diversity of visual arts programming that reflects the multiplicity of contemporary art, craft and design to its immediate region and within the Georgian College campus community. The exhibitions will celebrate emerging, mid career, and senior artist, designers and artisans as well as students within post secondary arts education. Through diverse programming within the context of a post secondary institution, and within the School of Design and Visual Art, The Campus Gallery will, through regular scheduling support the exhibition objectives with informative lectures pertaining to arts and culture that will be open to the college community as well as our regional and provincial constituents, thus creating an environment of awareness, critical thinking and appreciation. Through outreach and exchange, the Campus Gallery will host and present international exchange exhibitions and lectures to facilitate and encourage a dialogue and awareness within the arts to its immediate public. The Campus Gallery is intent on sustaining and nurturing collaborative efforts in programming, education and guest lecturers with its major visual arts partners within the community such as The MacLaren Art Centre.


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