67 Toronto St.

D-I-Y Arts Collective

Organization Profile
The D-I-Y Collective is a communal platform; a safe space for social and independent business development and artistic/cultural production – a mash-up lab, if you will, for social entrepreneurs and underground entities to exist and grow. Run by artists for artists, the Collective acts as a space for underground and emerging art and performance; celebrating an appreciation for the unfamiliar, the complex, and the collaborative practices of Barrie’s fledgling DIY scene. Located at 67 Toronto Street, we serve downtown Barrie as a cross-platform hub; an Artist Space, Collective and Gallery. We offer a collaborative, creative and accepting learning environment to help social entrepreneurs, emerging/alternative artists and cultural producers to create, gain confidence, and garner credibility. THE COLLECTIVE ADHERES TO D-I-Y PHILOSOPHY -OUR APPROACH ENCOURAGES MEMBERS TO LEARN-BY-DOING! What we do is provide a platform in which members are afforded a voice, a presence and a means to coordinate, contribute and collaborate in community-based art, music and cultural events. We have both individual members (social entrepreneurs, local producers: artists, musicians, bands, videographers, curators, copywriters, printmakers, among many others), and organizational members (Back2Basics Social Development, Nifty Thrifty, Unity Studios, CHAIN). We believe shared success is made possible by the cross-combination of multiple creative minds and disciplines. Above all, we are building community and working collaboratively to achieve our varied objectives.


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