Barrie, ON L4M 1k7

Thera Freeman

Individual Artist
Thera was born, raised and resided in Toronto for 27 years. In grade three her teacher gave her her very first sketch book to prevent her from drawing all over her school work. Thera took art classes in high school and during her college years, as an extracurricular activity, studied art under the tutalage of Nola McConnan and participated in the East York Festival of the Arts. After sampling various locales in Ontario for the past several years, Thera and her family have settled in Barrie, Ontario. Thera will be part of the Barrie Spring Art Tour for the second time this year. Thera uses with a muted watercolour palette, usually with ink or charcoal accents, in a unique Naïve Romantic style. “Certain images haunt me and I endeavor to capture them.”


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