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Rosemarie Schenk

Individual Artist

Rosemarie, a seasoned self-taught artist, is a firm believer that creativity makes for an interesting and colorful journey through life. As one of seven siblings, she started her creative journey as a child, drawing everything she encountered and eventually graduated to painting with various mediums. For the last few years oil has been her medium of choice with its vibrant colors and versatile strokes, be it with brush or palette knife. "I love to create realistic paintings but I am finding that I also love to be free. Painting with a palette knife heightens my sense of creativity and allows me to roam to unchartered territories within my mind. To sit with a knife before a blank canvas, with only a story in my mind, and just start painting has intensified my use of color and color combinations. It also has my palette leaning toward the warm with striking contrasts."


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