Barrie, ON

Rebekah Hawker

Individual Artist

Rebekah is a singer/songwriter from Barrie Ontario. She enjoys playing small venue shows in her freetime and in the past months has become familiar playing at venues such as the mansion or the roxx in downtown Barrie. She is currently in grade 12 and despite her busy lifestyle she makes time to share her music with anyone who will listen. You can find her first recorded song 'Girl On Fire' on, a fan site for music about the hit book series 'The Hunger Games'. Recently for the 2011 Summer Season Rebekah recruited some friends to back her up at a show. As a result Bekah and the Lemon Tree was formed. They played a total of two shows including an intimate backyard house concert at the end of August. Unfortunately 3 of the 5 members left for University in the beginning of September and Bekah and the Lemon Tree disbanded. It was a fun summer regardless and the two shows performed were very successful.


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