40 Laurie Crescent
Barrie, ON L4M 6C7

Rachel Bradbury

Individual Artist
Rachel Bradbury came into the art field later on in life and this prompted her to pursue her studies at Georgian college in 2006. Her schooling rewarded her, an amazing learning experience filled with intensity and growth. As an artistic explorer, Rachel has widened her abilities through constantly changing and self imposed challenges. This need for exploration has brought her to her current interest in dyes, inks and mixed media. She has once again introduced recycled materials rich in textures, colors and in various stages of decay within her work. The exciting correlation between the purpose of the recycled materials and our process of aging, with its perception of lost beauty and energies, is far too intriguing not to be explored. The recycled materials within her abstracted landscapes express her relationship with the natural world. Her interest in sharing common experiences of landscapes and social interaction are expressed through her unique visual translations.


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