28 Donald St.
Barrie, ON L4N 4S6

Nancy Pallen

Individual Artist

I am primarily a self taught artist who believes, ‘My greatest education has been life. I try to paint the beauty in the world as I see it. I paint what I’m feeling in the moment whether it’s a story I‘m telling, an abstracted vision, or the beauty of the human form.’ Not content to stay with one style of art, I am always searching for the ultimate creative challenge. My painting styles range from realism in my portraits and nudes, through to the opposite end of the spectrum with abstracts, and traditional Native art style. I like to experiment using various media for my work. I like painting in oil and acrylic, but I also enjoy creating collages and working with found objects. Of Ojibwe, Mohawk, and Irish ancestry, I am rediscovering my Native roots by rekindling the traditional teachings and legends of my father’s people. To depict the old stories I use the traditional Eastern Woodland Style of art, or black and white line drawings. I use a lot of the beautiful vibrant colours associated with traditional Native art, but lean toward softer shades for more contemporary pieces. I am also a Graphic Designer and use some of these skills to produce digital art from my own photography and now am experimenting with using the printer for various mixed media artistic ventures. Recently I have been designing and making contemporary jewelry using semiprecious stones and beads. I have done speaking engagements pertaining to my work on women’s issues which include physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. My works can be found in private and corporate collections internationally. I currently reside in Barrie, Ontario and work out of a studio in my home as well as working with a group of artists in the Mnjikaning Art Studio at Rama, Ontario.


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