the Morals

Individual Artist


Half way between Canada’s biggest city and beautiful cottage country, Barrie, ON’s the Morals have utilized their unique surroundings to create a unique style of ambient indie folk that combines the peacefulness of the latter with the tension of the former. Consisting of Holliehobby and Todd Jeffrey, who trade off vocal duties, guitar and keys, and recently acquired drummer Dan Trickett, the Morals have become a must-see act in a very short period of time.

The band’s debut album, “Music Tree Life Understanding” EP, combines the heart-wrenching delicacy of Bon Iver with disjointed pop sensibilities of Feist, while hinting towards the bombast of Florence + the Machine. Within its six songs the Morals combine the vocals of Hobby and Jeffrey with graceful guitar, pulsating keys and minimalist percussion to draw listeners into the band’s haunting melodies. These songs take on a new life during the Morals epic live performances, where Trickett propels them to grandiose proportions, pushing them towards their breaking point.

the Morals offer listeners heartbreaking harmonies and love ballads filled with raw sincerity, and their audience – much like their songs – is consistently building. They are a band that is certain to make a loud noise out of such a quiet sound.



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