12 Dunlop St East
Barrie, ON L4M 1A3

Mario Trunz

Individual Artist

I'm a web designer for Rhubarb Media in downtown Barrie, which is in a co-working community called The Creative Space. Besides that, I enjoy working on projects that I'm passionate about. I founded Barrie Spotter, an open source project tracking the air traffic in near real-time near Barrie, which has gotten some great feedback from the local aviation community.

I am very heavily involved with the chillout/ambient music scene. Since 2012, I run a monthly radio show and a small label called Undiscovered Scenery. The label releases free music on Bandcamp a few times a year, while the radio show invites other high profile chillout artists from around the world to showcase their talents.

I love nature photography, particularly with my iPhone. Its fascinating how the sky is never the same every day and always changes many times throughout the day. Its a random aspect of our life that makes it exciting looking forward to. That's why I have started a video project called "Project Clouds" where I post my timelapse videos or compilation videos using only my iPhone. I also have an instagram account where I post generally anything i can think off.


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