Lonzo & Karen Lucas

Individual Artist

Name: Lonzo Lucas Jr. Statement: Life is what you make it. Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA Current location: Barrie, Ontario Hobbies: writer (short stories, screenplays), music composer. Bio: Lonzo Lucas Jr, originally born in Los Angeles, California but now a resident of Barrie, Ontario has been an active and emerging artist since 2002 creating art in the painting, drawing, and performance mediums. Lonzo became an artist after entering a drawing contest in high school and after coming in second place the winner told him to stick with it and eventually he would develop into a decent artist. Lonzo didn't take it seriously until 2002 when he was diagnosed with a life debilitating condition, life took on a whole new meaning and it was then that he found his artistic voice. Through the encouragement of the dialysis staff Lonzo has found and continued to develop his signature style. Support from family and friends also played a key role, his parents and wife always push him to the limit and dare him to explore new mediums. In 2011 with well over 20 paintings in his collection Karen Whytock and Lonzo will introduce their works to the artistic community. Name: Karen P. Whytock Birthplace: Wingham, Ontario Current Location: Barrie, Ontario Hobbies: Travel, Reading, Photography Bio: After graduating from the University of Toronto with a B.A. in Visual Arts and History, Karen attended the Faculty of Education at the University of Ottawa. Since moving to Barrie over eighteen years ago, she has been teaching at the secondary school level for the Simcoe County District School Board. Currently, she teaches art and history at Orillia District Collegiate. Karen loves to travel and experience other cultures. Besides her annual summer travels to destinations around the world, she has had the opportunity to teach in Italy and in South Korea. Traveling gives her the unique opportunity to see famous art and architecture around the world, along with contemporary and developing artists in each country. Karen has always been interested in incorporating hidden symbols and brightly coloured shapes into her artwork. Her most recent works have been influenced by her travels to Africa and Asia. She has also started to collaborate with her new husband; fellow artist Lonzo Lucas, which has added a new dimension to her compositions.


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