Laurie Masters

Individual Artist
Laurie Masters was born in Peterborough, Ontario, May 4, 1976. Having concentrated on music during her school years and completing an honours degree in Mathematics at Trent University, it wasn’t until 2001 that she picked up a paint brush and started to paint. Since then, Laurie has not stopped painting. Aside from a couple years of high school art, Laurie has had no formal training. She simply paints for the sheer love of it. The subject matter of her paintings include mostly portraits of artists in other mediums, such as musicians and actors, encompassing her love of both music and film, and are interpretations of existing photographs. Laurie has always been fascinated by what can be portrayed in facial expressions, particularly, what the eyes portray. Laurie started out painting in acrylics, but after discovering the beauty and diversity of oil, she decided to concentrate her painting to oil on canvas. Laurie excels in painting in vibrant colour, but also enjoys painting black and white portraits. Laurie also incorporates texture into her paintings through palette knives or the use of textured paper to achieve the desired effect. Her paintings are contemporary portraits, all done on a fairly large scale and are intended to give the viewer a “feeling”, whether that be to elicit sympathy, tears, or a smile. In addition to her realistic portraits, being a fan of Picasso’s work, Laurie has also dabbled in abstract painting. Her technique involves beginning with line drawings on the canvas and then attempting to decipher what can be “seen“ in those lines, whether it be people or objects (vases and a guitar are a couple of subjects of her abstract paintings). In addition to painting, Laurie has also designed and sewn dolls. She uses various materials to construct the dolls, from felt, fabric and embroidery thread, to found objects made of materials such as plastic and metal. She also constructs and paints backdrops for her dolls. Her subject matter for the dolls is mainly musicians and television or film characters and are intended to be humorous. Laurie’s work has been well received on the internet. In addition to her website, Laurie has a Facebook fanpage, called “Laurie’s Art“, where she has, so far, amassed 280 fans. Since her subjects are musicians and actors, she has sent photos of her work to a few of them and has subsequently had her work displayed on their Myspace and Facebook pages. Laurie has done five paintings of the band/television show “Flight of the Conchords”, as well as dolls of them. The two members of the band have posted her work on their Myspace page. Laurie has also done two paintings and a doll of the actor Thomas Lennon (of television’s RENO 911! and the movies “17 Again” and “I Love You Man”) that he posted on both his Myspace and Facebook pages. Although most of Laurie’s paintings have been seen by others through photographs, she sent her actual painting of Ellen Degeneres to Ellen's television studio in Los Angeles. The painting subsequently appeared on “Ellen”, hanging on the wall on one of her talk show episodes featuring actress Jennifer Aniston, being prominently displayed in the middle of a group of viewer art. It appeared on Ellen’s show a second time in an episode when Ellen took viewer art to display at the MET in New York City, where it was hung for a time. Laurie has also done several paintings on commission. Laurie took part in her first show, The Norwood Art Show and Sale, in June 2010. The local newspaper, The Northwest EMC, wrote an article on Laurie, expressing the promise she showed in her first art show. Laurie has several of her abstract paintings on display and for sale in the stained glass store "Hues In Glass" located in the Brookdale Plaza on Chemong Rd., in Peterborough, ON. Laurie entered her first art competition in the oil category of the Buckhorn Fine Art Festival in August 2010, where her "Katrina" portrait placed second. In October 2010, Laurie's "Born Free" painting placed second in the Portrait category in the Adult Art division at the Norwood Fair in Norwood, ON. The painting went on to receive the Visitor's Choice Award as Most Popular Picture in the entire Adult Art section at the fair. Laurie's first solo show began on January 22, 2011 and is on display (for a still to be determined time) at her own temporary gallery at 470 Robinson Rd. in Ennismore, ON.


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