Barrie, ON

Jocelyn Tucker

Individual Artist
Jocelyn Tucker is a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University’s Bachelor of Music program, where she studied voice with Kimberly Barber. At Laurier, Jocelyn participated in the vocal comprehensive program, and sang in many ensembles including the WLU Ensemble Concert Choir under the direction of Dr. Lee Willingham, the New Music Concert Series and was a Choral Scholar with Trinity Anglican Church. During her time there, she studied conducting under the direction of Michael Purvis Smith. After graduating and beginning to work as an elementary school teacher, she has been involved leading and conducting school aged choral groups. In this time she has developed a love of conducting and evoking beautiful sound. Over her 5 years of conducting in an elementary setting, her choirs have had many opportunities to perform: Kawinas Music Festival (first place, 2008 and 2009), By the Kids, For the Kids choral festival, 2010 (first place), Rogers Television half hour Christmas program, 2011, Touching 100 students each year through the choir program, she enjoys watching students have an opportunity to develop a love for music and experience the joy of voices united together in song. In addition to her experience conducting children, she has been a guest conductor and rehearsal conductor with local choirs Bravado! Show Choir and The King Edward Choir. These experiences have all culminated to her looking forward to further developing her choral skills through the Conductor Training Programme so that she is able to bring these skills back to her community to participate in more choral conducting and directing opportunities that are available here. Jocelyn teaches private vocal and piano lessons from her home studio in Barrie. Her students have opportunities to participate in the Kawina's Music Festival as well as participate in RCM exams.



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