Pinecliff Cres
Barrie, ON L4N 5V2

Colleen Johnson

Individual Artist

It's been just over a year since I opened my shop and what a year it's been. Several years ago I purchased a hand stamped necklace for my mom and mother inlaw and was thrilled with them when they arrived. Being a new mom myself at that time I wanted one too but would rather not spend the money on me. I looked at the necklaces I received and thought not " I can do that better " but that "I CAN do that! " And there is where my journey into hand stamped jewelry making began. I purchased some tools and studied with books and on-line courses and made pieces for myself, family and friends. They told friends and co-workers who told family and friends and on it went until I decided to jump in with both feet and open my shop 2 Sisters Handcrafted. The first question people usually ask me is " where is the other sister? " And I will quickly explain that I am the mom of the 2 sisters. I now have 2 girly girls and all my inspiration, motivation and new found self esteem comes from them. So, it only seemed fitting to name the shop after them too. Now, having just had the shops first birthday, I can say I've dreamt big! I have sent my pieces to celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Khloe Kardashian, Jenny McCarthy, Christina Hendricks and Nia Peeples. I've been included in the 2012 GBK MTV Movie Awards swag bags and will also have my pieces included in the upcoming 2012 GBK Emmy Awards swag bags. I've been on local TV and featured on blogs and magazines. I'm excited for what this 2nd year will bring but can say for sure it's worth it to jump right in with both feet, as scary as it may be and dream big! June 22, 2012. Please contact me at or view my designs at


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