Barrie, ON

Carrie Paquette

Individual Artist
My name is Carrie Paquette. I am a Canadian artist. I was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I grew up in a small town called Alliston, Ontario. I am currently living a beautiful city called Barrie, Ontario. I have lived here for the past 22 years with my husband, 3 children and three cats. I graduated with Honours from "Georgian College of Applied Arts and Technology", DESIGN ART/GRAPHIC DESIGN in 1989. I was brought up in a very musical family. My Dad, a professional musician and a music teacher of many instruments, gave me an appreciation for the arts. My siblings were all very talented in their musical abilities. There was never a day that went by with out the sound of drums, guitars or a piano echoing through out my house. It wasn't long before my parents discovered my artistic talent and enrolled me in some painting/drawing classes. My mother was determined to see me with all my artistic potential. Even if it meant driving me every week to my art classes in an "old clunker" car, up a very steep hill. So I am very thankful for my parents support then and now. I have shown my artwork at The Barrie City Hall Rotunda twice. I have sold many miniature artworks over the internet through out Canada, United States and even Germany. My paintings are said to stir up fond memories of life and home. I hope to create pleasant visuals for your home to be cherished and passed down as heirlooms for years to come. I enjoy painting, animals, landscapes, houses and my newest subject are "Abstracts". Abstracts are a fun and creative way to work with paint, colour and design. I have painted many cherished "Pet Portraits" for pet lovers locally and abroad. To own an original will make a interesting focal point to a room as well as a converstaional piece.


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