Lakeshore Mews
Barrie, ON L4M 1A6

Alana Sproule

Individual Artist
Awkward Stage is an environmentally conscious clothing design house. Nostalgic with a modern twist, the line captures the imagination of art nerds and pin up girls alike. Collections are produced in small runs by Alana Sproule, the only person on staff at this independent line. Each year Awkward Stage releases two collections: Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. Made from repurposed materials such as vintage bed linens and kilts, Awkward Stage has a mandate to keep a small footprint. When cutting garments from repurposed materials, as much of the fabric is used as possible. Any fabric scraps are sent to the recycling program in Muskoka. The studio is located at the back of the shop on Lakeshore Mews in downtown Barrie, Ontario. Awkward Stage is sewn on a vintage Imperial sewing machine and a fairly new Janome serger. Each garment is built to last and be loved for years to come, hand made with patience and love. Alana Sproule is a self taught pattern drafter and sewer. She comes from a long line of crafty women and has been sewing for as long as anyone can remember. She loves the colours and patterns of vintage bed linens and is inspired by vintage sewing patterns and pin up girls. In her spare time she makes zines and shoots photographs.


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